Elenco Escape Robot KitWhenever we see a robot, we may be awed by this invention. We praise the inventors well as we would assume it is never easy to build a robot. Well, all things start small; similarly, there is also simple way to build a robot which is the starting point. Let see some of the easy way to build a robot.

If you want to build a beetle robot, you would need mainly the glue gun, soldering iron, cutter, switches and wires. You may also need some paper clips, motors and even a battery. You need to assemble them together starting from the battery holder and build upward. Connect the motor and microcontroller accordingly, insert the wheels, solder the wires according to the circuit diagram and you should have the proper robot in no time. The next key step is to program the robot properly. Do pick up the skill from the manual that comes with the microcontroller or perhaps from some programming book. Do seek professional assistance if necessary. It is actually not difficult to build a robot, you would need patient and a little creativity to get it assembled.

Do check out All About Robot and Build a Robot for more information.

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