Building Walking RobotAre you looking for ways to keep the kids occupied and entertained? This is especially so when the weather is bad and they can’t play in the park. We can certainly get them to watch TV or play some video games, but they will then be staring at the screen for way too long. It is good to find them some practical things to do and perhaps using the cardboard boxes to build a robot could be one good idea on hand.

If your kids are older, getting them to build such robot may be a little off the line, nevertheless, it is good to explore if they can help to guide the younger ones through. It will help to stimulate their mind than watching TV program for the whole day.

There are various things the kids could do with the cardboard. They can build cars, castle, houses or even ships. They can build robot that the kids can consider whether they could get it to move too. You can also utilize other materials in the construction such as the toilet roll tubes or even cartons. Once the parts are assembled and shapes are form, you could get the kids to decorate it. Just be creative and your kids will have great time constructing the robots and have great time.

Do check out All About Robot and Build a Robot for more information.

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